Billy Ponzio - AIN'T MISBEHAVIN'

I was born in March 02, 1976, São Paulo, Brasil (Brazil).

Older than 3 brothers.

I started playing drums at the age of 13, taking classes with

Master Percio Sapia, at CLAM, music school of ZIMBO TRIO.

From the age of 15, i continued studying alone. At 16, in 1992, I joined the progressive rock trio "Turtles Sharks & Beavers" with Flavio Marchesin (vocals, keyboards, bass) and Eduardo Tibira (guitar, backing vocals). A very creative and daring sound.

In 1997, i was part of the percussion session of the Scottish Link Pipe Band, an authentic Scottish bagpipe band here in Brazil, created by the bagpiper Cristiano Bicudo. 

We participated in the Scottish bagpipe world festival In Glasgow, and took 36th place in the 4th division.

In other words, we were a true "success".

At the end of 1999, Paulo Penov, Eliseu Paranhos Cristiano Miano and i, formed the psychedelic rock band, Freak, which remained composing together until 2002. In 2015, we got together to record the old compositions in the opera-rock Cd album FREAK, a very unique work in the brazilian rock panorama.

Between 2002 and 2004, i moved away from music a little. I lost my father, got married, had my first child, went to study drawing and tried to work in other areas. I was pretty lost.

I played drums from time to time at my mother's house, just to keep in mind. Disengaged from the music.

At most, I would, one day, teach my children to play, if they wanted to.

But in July 2004, through the pianist Ari Giorgi, I met Tito Martino and joined his group. Tito was my great jazz teacher. He taught me things about Jazz that we don't learn with the 'mainstream' teachers.

We had great moments on stage, like at the Cantanhêde Jazz Festival in Portugal, and the concert with the famous american guitarist, John Pizzarelli in 2011.

In fact, I had 6 great music teachers:

My Mother, Tito Martino, Ari Giorgi, Percio Sapia, Wilson Gomes and

Seu Aloísio Monteiro. 

Seu Aloísio, in early 2012, instigated me to expand my musical knowledge in a way that improved my playing forever.


In December 2013, in 2013, i produced and released my first album, the Cd 'Pioneiros do Jazz Paulistano' with great names of traditional jazz in Brazil, such as Tito Martino, Hector Costita and André Busic.

An album very well received by critics and public.

From 2014, i focused on instrumental composition works.

Highlight for the album Metalodrum of March 2014, made only with drums, metallophones and a little synthesizer.

2020 WORKS:



There will be 10 instrumental singles, in a kind of cosmic instrumental suite, mixing elements of Jazz with guitars and climates of progressive rock. The guitars are made by my favorite guitarist and longtime friend, Eduardo Tibira. The first Interestelar (writen in portuguese) single is already on digital platforms. 



Authorial album with a very special quartet. Available on all digital platforms.





A kind of strange vintage drummer and strange modern composer...

That's me.

Best wishes,






Baby Dodds, Gene Krupa, Zutty Singleton, Ray Bauduc, Papa Jo Jones, Sidney Catlett, Shelly Manne, Vernel Fournier,  Buddy Rich, Tony Sbarbaro, Paul Barbarin, Louis Barbarin, Cie Frazier, Daniel Humair,

Joe Morello, Ed Thigpen, Jimmy Cobb,  Sonny Carr, Tony Oxley, Sam Woodyard, Joe Watkins, Earl Watkins, Sonny Greer, Cozy Cole, Vic Berton,

Dave Tough, Louis Bellson, Lionel Hampton, Alvin Burroughs, Frank Carlson, George Wettling, Ray Mackinley, Manzie Johnson...



Édison Machado, Milton Banana, Dom Um Romão, Wilson das Neves, Rubens Barsotti, Airto, Arismar do Espírito Santo, Percio Sapia,

Paulinho de Lima, Cidão, Wellington Moreira Pimpa, Edu Ribeiro...



Neil Peart, Carl Palmer, Bill Bruford, Alan White, Ian Paice, 

Casey Scheuerell, Billy Cobham, Keith Moon, John Bonham, 

Stewart Copeland....

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